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Replacement for Missing Tooth + Dental Implants Cost

Julia : hello pede po mgtanong anong pnaka advisable replacement po for extracted tooth ung di na kelangn tanggalin or fixed n?

hope for your reply thanks

Ask the Dentist : Pinaka ok ang
Dental implant:
Bridge ang next :
Tapos pustiso :
ANg huli ay walang gagawin. Hahayaang bungi.

Julia : mgkno po kaya estimate ng dental implant kung mgppgawa po

Ask the Dentist : 70K pataas.

Julia : ee pg fixed bridge po?? cramic po mgknu po kaya isa lng po kase ung bungi ee

Ask the Dentist : Kapag all porcelain 60 K pataas. Kapag porcelain fused to metal bridge, 15K pataas.

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